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New Civ 6 civ Vietnam’s chief, Woman Trieu, won’t put up along with your nonsense


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The penultimate growth pack from Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass was just lately revealed. The Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack introduces the latter as a pacesetter for the Chinese language and Mongolian civilisations, nevertheless it additionally provides in a brand new Civ 6 civ within the type of Vietnam. We’ve simply been given our first glimpse as to how they’ll play as a faction within the widespread 4X game.

Vietnam was initially teased as a ‘terrain and tradition’-focused civ, and we’ve been given some extra particulars as to what this implies. When enjoying as Vietnam, you may solely construct land-based speciality districts on rainforest, marsh, or woods tiles. This may prohibit your constructing choices up to a degree, nevertheless it’s price noting that you simply’ll be capable of plant new woodland tiles (however not rainforest) on grasslands with the ‘medieval fares’ civic.

You additionally get extra manufacturing, science, or tradition bonuses relying on which tile your districts are being constructed on. The overall knowledge in the mean time appears to be to construct districts early to get forward of the competitors, particularly in manufacturing or science.

The distinctive unit for Vietnam is the Voi Chiến, a medieval-era ranged unit that replaces the Crossbowman with some elephant-riding badasses with bows. These (absolute) models get motion and sight bonuses, and may transfer after attacking, which is bonkers.

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Vietnam’s distinctive district is the Thanh, which replaces the encampment. It generates tradition for every adjoining district and doesn’t require inhabitants to run. When you’ve researched the flight tech, it additionally generates tourism equal to tradition output.

Final however definitely not least, Vietnam is being led by the notable 3rd Century AD warrior Bà Triệu, who additionally goes by the title of Woman Triệu (though her actual title is outwardly unknown). She is credited with main a stiff resistance towards certainly one of China’s well-known ‘three kingdoms’, and this legend is dropped at life through her Civ 6 leader persona.

Woman Triệu leans into Vietnam’s affinity for sure tiles along with her ‘Drive out the Aggressors’ capacity, which provides extra fight power for models preventing in rainforest, marsh, or woods tiles. This buff is additional elevated if these tiles are owned by Vietnam.

If a unit begins its activate a type of similar tiles, it additionally will get extra motion factors that are elevated once more if that beginning tile was inside Vietnam’s borders. Mixed with the Voi Chiến’s affinity for zipping round, this feels like a foolish combo, however glorious for defence.

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And that’s every part there may be to find out about Vietnam in Civ 6 at this level! I anticipate we’ll discover out in regards to the new Kublai Khan chief early subsequent week.

The Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack is due out subsequent Thursday, January 28 on PC through Steam and the Epic Video games Retailer.

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