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The brand new Complete Warfare Troy DLC is right here, together with an enormous patch


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The latest piece of DLC for A Complete Warfare Saga: Troy has simply been launched. This new faction pack introduces us to Ajax and Diomedes, two Greek heroes from The Iliad who enter the fray as members within the Trojan Warfare.

They every include their very own distinctive faction mechanics, unit rosters, and narrative marketing campaign. Diomedes, for instance, is eager to reclaim the town of Thebes the place his father failed, and there’s been a brand new battle map launched for the town and its legendary ‘seven gates’ arrange.

This new faction pack additionally introduces ‘paragon’ models into the sport. These bear some similarities to Complete Warhammer II’s Regiments of Renown, however they’re intently tied to the marketing campaign narrative of particular factions, relatively than simply being a powerful distinctive unit that may be recruited. Ajax has 22 such models he can draw from, however Diomedes combines any unit from his common roster with one among seven doable ‘strategos’ selections to create paragon models for his faction. It permits for loads of prospects, though some combos are more likely to be higher than others.

Along with the premium content material, patch 1.5.0 has additionally dropped. This introduces the ‘Free-LC’ within the type of a brand new god, Hephaestus, and epic craftsman divine agent.

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Different gameplay tweaks contain a number of area adjustments to account for the presence of Ajax and Diomedes, in addition to some shifting alliance states. Archer heroes have additionally had some tweaking, and Agamemnon is now extra more likely to vassalise a faction after he wipes the ground with them.

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The patch notes are quite long, so we advise you have a look when you’re all in favour of studying up on what else has been modified. It’s laborious to gauge how widespread Troy is within the pantheon of Complete Warfare video games. It’s definitely no Warhammer II, however hopefully the cope with Epic has meant it’s earned itself an honest sufficient following.

You may choose up the Ajax and Diomedes faction pack via the Epic Games Store for $9.99 / £7.99.

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